Why Floyd Arthur?

Floyd Arthur is an expert when it comes to providing customized insurance programs for businesses, families, and homeowners. Enjoy his professional service and find out which insurance solutions are available to you and your business – at the most competitive price.

Floyd Arthur offers customized insurance for your business, be it a generic small business, pharmaceutical, construction, or a wholesale and distribution business. Included in the coverage are General Liability, Disability, Business Automobile, and Worker’s Compensation plans among others.

We understand the different needs of every business. That’s why the Floyd Arthur does not believe that one insurance is applicable to all. Talk to an expert to help you tailor a solution for your unique business concerns.

Of course, personal insurance for your home and family is not to be ignored. Setting up solutions now for future problems is an intelligent move as we don’t know when, where, or how accidents may happen. There are a variety of insurance options available depending on the consumer’s needs and budget.

There’s the renter’s insurance, homeowner package, automobile coverage, and personal liability insurance among others. Insurance may cover your motorcycle, recreational vehicles, gadgets, computers, jewelry, and other important possessions that are not usually covered by a standard insurance.

Healthcare provider insurance is also available for healthcare professionals. However professional and careful the physicians are, they are still prone to face malpractice suits. Even highly experienced practitioners have experienced being sued. The risk is also present for non-physician professionals such as physician assistants or advanced practice nurses. That is why it is important to be prepared now.

Whatever insurance you may need, speaking to an expert such as Floyd Arthur will help you get a peace of mind. An insurance is there for your protection and in that aspect, we should be well-informed of our options. Contact us and find out how Floyd Arthur can help you be prepared.



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